Where’s YOUR water hiding?

You might think you have a good handle on the amount of water you’re using each day. After all, it’s easy to see how much water is coming out of your faucet, right? But there’s a kind of crazy secret about how much water we actually consume. The truth is, a whole lot of the water you use doesn’t come out of a faucet. Yep, your water use is hiding from you. Do you know where? Take our quick quiz to find out (and learn more about what you can do about it).

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On average, the overall water footprint — that’s the amount of water you use — of an American is equal to:

A shower an hour. Pretty clean, right?
32 flushes a day!
(Should’ve skipped all those Venti iced coffees...)
32,911 glasses of water a day. Now that’s what I call thirsty! 32,911 glasses of water a day. Or 5 showers an hour. Impossible? Read on.
900 showers every hour. A land speed record!

So far, so good!

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Fill in the blank: _________ accounts for the largest part of your overall water footprint.

Outdoor use — watering your lawn, irrigating the garden, washing your car
The water needed to produce food The water needed to produce the food you eat makes up more than 2/3 of all the water that goes into the stuff (food, clothes, gas, etc.) we consume every day.
Taking a daily shower
None of the above.

True or false: About half the water most people consume is “hidden” (water that is used to grow and make things we eat, wear and use to generate energy.)

False False. 95% of the water we consume is hidden water. That’s right, most of the water you consume is hidden in those vegetables you bought, the gas fueling your car, and the clothes you wear and a whole lot more.

Which of the following foods requires the most water to produce?

Beef Producing a pound of beef requires more than 1,750 gallons of water. That’s a couple hundred showers!

All done! 0 out of 4. Not too shabby!

As you can see, we’re each consuming a lot more water each day than we might think we are — and it all adds up to one huge challenge.

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