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Without knowing exactly what your diet consists of I can give you a few specifics that you might not be doing right now that will get your body back in weight loss mode.

Tip #1- Eat more green leafy veggies and cut out fruits. The green leafy veggies will provide you with the extra fiber and nutrients you need to jump-start your metabolism again. Cutting out fruits is hard for some people but once they do they see their weight drop significantly. I'm not saying fruit is bad for you but it does contain a lot of sugar even if it is "healthy" sugar it spikes your insulin and makes you more sensitive to storing fat. If you have to have sugar the best time to have it is right after a workout were you want your insulin spiked so your body can replenish its glycogen stores which will help in the recovery of muscle soreness.

Tip #2- Fluctuate your caloric intake. This one is pretty simple but it is often overlooked. The days you work out you want more calories the days you don't work out you want less. Pretty simple right, try to shoot for 700 calories less than your body weight times 10, so if you weigh 200 lb your normal caloric intake to maintain that weight is 2000 calories, so 700 less than that is 1300 calories on your days off from the gym. The days on you want to go up 700 calories.

Tip #3-Try using an all-natural fat burner like the one found at (insert link) or a green tea extract. This will help your body speed up your metabolism and increase your resting body temperature, which increases the rate at which you burn calories as well. This will also give you a little boost of energy as well.

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Fat Diminisher System http://www.streetinsider.com/SI+Newswire/Fat+Diminisher+-+UPDATED+Review+Of+Wesley+Virgins+New+Weight+Loss+System/10878035.html

Tip #4- Try and consume most of your carbohydrates in the morning and then slowly taper off as the day goes on. I usually consume 100grams of carbs in the a.m. and then by the nighttime I am at zero carbs. This helps give you energy throughout the day and your body burns more fat this way as well, because the fewer carbs you consume around nighttime the more GH your body produces while you sleep, this extra GH helps the body burn fat and add lean muscle.

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