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Mangrove Underground readers

Mangrove Underground readers

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Coral reefs in Florida and the Caribbean are facing increasing threats from bleaching, rising sea levels and acidification. Scientists estimate that unless we take immediate action, we could lose up to 70 percent of our coral reefs by 2050.

As the foundation of the world's marine fisheries, coral reefs provide food and livelihoods for many area residents. Reefs also provide the region much-needed income streams from scuba divers, sport fishers and other outdoor enthusiasts.

The next 10 years are critical for reef health. Without immediate action, we may not be able to reverse the current damage. We risk losing not just the nature we love but the oxygen, food, medicines, jobs and other resources healthy reefs provide.

Your donation will help protect and preserve these fragile coral ecosystems, helping to pass on healthy seas that can support future generations.

Also, if you purchase 'Mangrove Underground,' Tim W. Jackson's debut literary novel, through, a portion of the purchase price will be donated to the fund unless otherwise requested.

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