Debora Marcus Mandelbaum

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As everyone who loved Debora knows, no place on earth was more apropos for her than the earth itself. Nothing made her more at peace than walking through the woods with her dog or sculpting and digging in her legendary garden. And few things made her more proud than watching her children enjoy nature or work to protect our environment. 

During her 30 years as a mother, Debby served as a role model for her children. She brought them along when she founded Ridgefield, Connecticut's Earth Alliance and launched the town's first-ever, now-annual Earth Day celebration. She included Phil and Jamie in her successful fight with the Ridgefield Open Space Association to save hundreds of acres of wilderness, known as Bennett's Pond.

And she bred leaders of her own children, through the always-active Earth Keepers groups she led at the elementary school.

For as long as we can all remember, The Nature Conservancy was Debby's favorite charity. (It is one of the only charities that has always stuck to its mission, thusly never disappointing a woman with unflappable morals and values.)

In lieu of flowers or gifts, we ask, per Debby's request, that you please consider a donation -- IN HER NAME -- to this charity, dedicated to protecting Earth's natural resources and beauty.

Thank you,

Debby's family

Debora Marcus Mandelbaum, RIP (March 27, 1952 - January 2, 2012)

"Most little girls, they dream about guys with Porsches / [she] stared up at the ceiling, imagining caring for horses" -- AWKWORD (a.k.a. Phil, Debby's son, off his song 'Thank You [A Tribute To My Mommy]':

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