Vermont Woods Studios Sustainable Furniture

We're working to save this tiger's habitat by promoting eco-friendly wood furniture from Vermont.

We're working to save this tiger's habitat by promoting eco-friendly wood furniture from Vermont.

Team Fundraising Goal: $2,000.00

Total Number of Gifts: 8
Total Value of Gifts: $2,400.00

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Vermont Woods Studios Furniture

Vermont Woods Studios Furniture

Vermont Woods Studios Furniture

Vermont Woods Studios Furniture

Vermont Woods Studios Furniture

Vermont Woods Studios Furniture

Vermont Woods Studios

Vermont Woods Studios

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Green Furniture from Vermont Helps Save the Rainforest

We wanted to help save the rainforest from where we live in Vermont. We knew that rainforest land is often cleared for timber that's used to make furniture. So we're working to persuade people to avoid buying rainforest furniture (made from woods like mahogany, Brazilian cherry and teak).

As it happens Vermonters know a thing or two about making sustainable furniture. In fact, the Green Mountain state is often called the fine furniture capital of America. We have a 200 year old tradition of handcrafting high quality furniture using local, sustainably harvested North American hardwoods.

At Vermont Woods Studios we've gathered together dozens of Vermont furniture makers and marketed their furniture online as a green alternative to the imported furniture found in most American furniture stores (big box store furniture is often made with illegally harvested rainforest woods).

Over the last decade, we've sold over 6000 pieces of eco-friendly furniture and delivered them to homes in every state in America. We figure we've kept about 1500 rainforest trees out of the furniture market and we hope to double that number by 2018.

Learn more about Vermont made furniture and our environmental mission at

We Plant a Tree For Every Furniture Order

We're supporting The Nature Conservancy's Plant A Billion Trees campaign by planting a tree for ever order we receive. Forest conservation has always been a fundamental part of our green mission. Although Vermont's forests are among the best managed in the world we realize that globally, deforestation is one of the top environmental problems facing the planet today.

The world’s tropical rainforests are disappearing at a rate of one football field every second! This deforestation pours carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and contributes more to air pollution and global climate change than exhaust from the entire transportation sector. Furthermore, forest animals and plants are being lost at a rate of over 100 species/day due to deforestation.

So, if you're planning a fine furniture purchase or you know someone else who is, please consider buying sustainable American made furniture from Vermont. Help us use green commerce to change the world.

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