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The White House-led Leaders’ Climate Summit after Earth Day is a critical next step in ramping up the United States’ roadmap for tackling the climate emergency. The Biden administration’s specific plans for how to reduce U.S. carbon emissions are urgently needed to meet global climate targets and prevent catastrophic damage to our planet.

But putting U.S. plans into action will still face opposition. It’s going to take all of us speaking up and exerting public pressure to jump-start ambitious national climate solutions.

Send your message to the White House today to show them you support bold climate action and believe it’s time to make the United States a global climate leader once again. Add your voice today.

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It's time to make the United States a global climate leader once again. I believe climate change is an urgent threat and I support the push for ambitious reductions in carbon emissions that are equitable for all communities. You can count on me to make my voice heard whenever and wherever there is opposition to the critical steps we must take to change course for our planet, because there's no time to waste in tackling the climate emergency.