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Rollbacks on meaningful action to address climate change are alarming and short-sighted.

Science shows us that climate change is the most urgent threat facing our planet today. And the steps we must take to steer humanity away from irreparable harm cut across borders. International cooperation is not optional—it's essential.

America needs to honor our commitments to global climate action like the Paris Agreement, the unprecedented global pact among 196 nations on climate action. We cannot be silent. We cannot wait to find the solutions our planet needs.

Pledge to stand with The Nature Conservancy as we call on U.S. leaders to stand strong on climate change.

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Our world is precious, and climate change effects all living things. We are the caregiver of the planet, and need to do our part to keep it safe and clean. Our existence depends on it!
— Debra H.
I have a new grandbaby and I want the world for him.
— Bonnie O.
I care about our environment. It must be preserved for ourselves and future generations.
— Monique S.
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Sign the pledge: Climate Action Now

Dear TNC

I agree that immediate action on climate change is critical. Now is the time to dedicate ourselves to a low-carbon future and prevent lasting damage to all living things. Science shows us we cannot afford to wait to cut harmful carbon emissions. I'm adding my voice to The Nature Conservancy's call to world leaders in the U.S. and beyond -- to act so we do not lose ground in combatting climate change.