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To stop some of the irreversible damage from a changing climate, we need to act immediately. And improving energy efficiency in the U.S. is Step #1.

Champions in Congress have taken the first step toward enacting common sense, carbon-cutting, energy efficiency measures. Strong legislation has passed in both the House and the Senate. But, the bill is not yet final. Congress needs to act quickly to agree to a bill that improves energy efficiency and conserves America’s lands and waters.

Time is short. Without support from advocates like you, this critical bill could fail, and we will lose our best chance for quick action on these vital issues.

Take a stand and tell Congress that passing the buck on this critical energy legislation is not an option. Now is the time to advance energy efficiency and ensure healthy lands and waters. Write your representatives today!

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Support Energy Efficiency

Dear TNC

I ask you to ensure the energy legislation being considered right now is completed quickly, and is as strong as possible for our lands, waters and communities. These are common-sense energy reforms to modernize our electric grid and ensure that homeowners have incentives to invest in clean power.

Plus, the bill includes other critical measures, including permanently reauthorizing the Land and Water Conservation Fund and a comprehensive fix to funding for fighting wildfires.

Please pass a final energy package that addresses these issues that are important to me.