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We believe in the power of science to address the greatest threats we face as a planet. Science is essential to restoring degraded coral reefs, saving threatened species, securing clean water for all, and slowing the onslaught of climate change.

But the Administration's proposed budget for this year once again cuts vital scientific programs we need for a brighter future. Agencies we all rely on for science-based approaches, such as the Environmental Protection Agency and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, would face severe rollbacks—from cutting the EPA budget by a third, to completely eliminating key NOAA programs such as Coastal Zone Management Grants.

Here's the bottom line: Without critical scientific programs like these, we will fall behind—and more special places will be lost forever.

We need you to add your voice today to protect science and keep innovation off the chopping block. Take a stand right now and tell your representatives and senators to say no to cuts to scientific research.

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Protect science and conservation funding

Dear TNC

Congress must act to preserve funding for science that is vital to conservation to strengthen our economy, create jobs, protect clean air and water, and preserve the unique natural legacy that is essential to our nation's future.

Undermining conservation doesn't just hurt wildlife and our nature's treasures it harms local communities and our national economy. Natural resources and outdoor recreation are an essential foundation of the American economy. They create billions of dollars in annual revenue, and millions of jobs.

Federal funding is essential to meeting our responsibilities as stewards of this planet and our country's valuable natural wonders. I urge you to commit to this duty by protecting federal funding for science and conservation efforts.