Tell Congress: Reject major cuts to conservation funding


Clean air and water. Astonishing vistas and precious, unique natural places. Wildlife and wide open spaces. These are all part of an irreplaceable heritage handed down by generations of Americans, and a legacy we must safeguard.

But right now, Congress is considering a federal budget that could strip much of the critical funding required to preserve this legacy and protect the natural resources that sustain us all. Critical programs like the Land and Water Conservation Fund could be cut by up to 32%.

The deadline for Congress to act on this budget is January 19th, which means your lawmakers need to hear from you TODAY. Tell your members of Congress to reject cuts to critical conservation funding.

It’s simple: we can’t protect our nation’s most precious and vulnerable natural places unless we protect conservation funding. Critical work to guard this legacy relies on strong federal funding of essential conservation programs. Together, we must call on Congress to ensure that funding levels stay strong and essential conservation programs do not end up on the chopping block before the January 19th deadline.

Because undermining conservation doesn’t just hurt wildlife and natural treasures it harms local communities and our national economy.

Speak up now and tell Congress to protect funding for conservation before the January 19th deadline!

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Keep conservation funding off the chopping block

Dear TNC

Congress must act to preserve funding for essential conservation and environmental protection efforts to strengthen our economy, create jobs, protect clean air and water, and preserve the unique natural legacy that is essential to our nation's future.

The current federal budget slashes funding for conservation . I urge you not to pass a federal budget that contains such drastic and harmful cuts to conservation. Investment in land and water conservation, recreation, and historic preservation represents 1 percent of the annual federal budget, but on-the-ground benefits such as cleaner water and coastal protection are much greater.

Undermining conservation doesn't just hurt wildlife and our natural treasures, it harms local communities, our health and our national economy. Natural resources and outdoor recreation are a fundamental foundations of the American economy. They create billions of dollars in annual revenue, and millions of jobs .

Federal funding is essential to meeting our responsibilities as stewards of this planet and our country's valuable natural wonders. I urge you to commit to this stewardship by rejecting cuts to federal funding for conservation and science efforts.