More Green, Less Concrete


Across the country, communities rely on levees, sea walls, and sewers for protection from storms and floods, clean water and more. But, many of these expansive systems are overstressed and require billions of dollars in repairs—and recent devastating storms remind us that safeguarding our communities can’t wait.

Science shows that we need to harness the power of nature. Solutions like coastal wetlands, reforestation and urban green spaces can replace crumbling, old-fashioned infrastructure or work with new “gray” infrastructure to help solve this crisis.

We can build a future with more green and less concrete but only if you speak up right now. Funding natural solutions needs to be part of our nation’s infrastructure investments. Your representatives in Congress are tackling how to make investments in our nation’s infrastructure and make communities safer from storms now, so there is no time to waste.

Send your message now and tell Congress that natural solutions are an effective, long-lasting alternative to levees and concrete. Let them know we need more green and less concrete in our national infrastructure and resilience plans.

Investing in nature will protect local communities, save money AND make our country a cleaner, greener place to live. Take action now.

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Support natural defenses and green solutions to our infrastructure crisis

Dear TNC

When you consider new infrastructure spending and ways to make our communities safer from storms and floods, I urge you to invest in natural alternatives like wetlands, coastal restoration, and more.

Science shows us that forests, rivers, and wetlands can clean our air, filter our water, and protect our coastlines and often better than expensive systems of concrete.
We can have a future with more green and less concrete but only if we harness nature's own solutions to safeguard our water, filter stormwater, protect our coasts and clean our cities.