Stand with America's forests!

Climate Change

The role that America's forests play in our daily life is truly enormous. They reconnect us to nature, provide critical habitat to more than 4,000 species, and even fight climate change.

We cannot afford to take our forests for granted. If we do not stand together to restore forests now, millions of acres are at risk of being damaged forever. Right now, 82 million acres of U.S. forest urgently need to be restored.

Stand with The Nature Conservancy as we call on our leaders to safeguard these special places and the irreplaceable role they play in our planet’s health. Pledge to protect our forests and all that they give us today!

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I will protect America's forests!

Dear TNC

America's great forests are natural treasures we must protect -- right now and for future generations. They give us clean air and water, provide critical wildlife habitat, and welcome us to hike, fish, camp and find adventure. But right now our forests are being destroyed and degraded at an alarming pace... and we must take immediate action. I stand with The Nature Conservancy as it urges leaders at every level of government to preserve and strengthen our country's forests!