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In February 2018, the small island nation of Seychelles in the Indian Ocean announced the creation of two new Marine Protected Areas covering 81,000 square miles (210,000 sq km) of some of the most productive and diverse areas of its ocean, an area roughly the size of Great Britain. These MPAs will protect some of the planet’s most endangered marine life and support sustainable fisheries and tourism industries that are vital to Seychelles’ economy.

This effort is a big, bold step forward. It is the result of four years of tremendous consultation and engagement by the government with industry experts, local businesses and leaders, and scientists. Implementing these protected areas will require ongoing collaboration and commitment. It’s a globally significant achievement that warrants a round of global applause.

Send a letter of congratulations to the citizens of Seychelles. The first 500 names to sign the letter will appear in a full-page dedication in Seychelles’ largest newspaper.

To learn more about the new Seychelles Marine Protected Areas, visit

“This effort will help the people of Seychelles protect their ocean for future generations, and will serve as a model for future marine conservation projects worldwide. These protections mean that all species living in these waters or migrating through them are now far better shielded from overfishing, pollution, and climate change.”
—Leonardo DiCaprio, Chairman of the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation

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Stand With Seychelles

Dear TNC

In recognition of the creation of two new marine protected areas that will protect 81,000 square miles of highly diverse ocean waters, I wish to express my sincere congratulations and gratitude to the citizens of Seychelles.

I celebrate your commitment to the world's oceans for their long-term health for nature and people.