Take the Pledge: Amplify Women's Voices


Conservation decisions have long been made by a select group of people: academics, government officials, landowners. And historically just about everywhere in the world, these people have something in common. They’re, overwhelmingly, men.

That means that women’s voices are left out of conversations about the future of their own communities. It means that women’s priorities aren’t heard when decisions are made about economic development and land use. It means that gender stereotypes can too often be perpetuated, and women aren’t represented in important leadership roles in their communities.

Research shows that when women help lead conservation efforts, both wild spaces and local communities are more likely to thrive. If we want to make progress, women need a seat at the table alongside men.

Join us and take to pledge to amplify women’s voices.

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Take the Pledge: Amplify Women's Voices

Dear TNC

To be effective, sustainable, and just, conservation efforts must give women a seat at the table.

Across the globe, women have too often been left out of decisions around conservation, sustainable development, and environmental justice. Women's voices haven't been included, their priorities overlooked, and their needs unaddressed. That's not just bad for women it's deeply damaging to their communities and environment.

The truth is, sustainable development can't be achieved without considering the needs and roles of women in affected communities.

Stand with The Nature Conservancy and rally governments, corporations, and conservation partners to invite women to participate; to amplify women's voices and support women's priorities; to respect women's leadership in championing a healthier, sustainable, more just future for our planet.

It's time to give women a seat at the table.