Threats to National Monuments in Congress


Three separate bills in Congress threaten public lands protections. Now’s the time for immediate action to stop them.

These bills would permanently enshrine the recent, controversial shrinking of Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monuments into law and fundamentally change the Antiquities Act itself. The Antiquities Act has protected countless national treasures like Devil’s Tower, Chaco Canyon and the Grand Canyon.

This continued threat to our public lands puts our national monuments at risk.

That’s why we need your help right away.

Add your voice and tell your members of Congress that you oppose these bills that would take away current protections and threaten future conservation of America’s public lands. We cannot sacrifice our most important lands and waters. Our country’s special places like these need more protection, not less.

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Stop legislation that threatens public lands

Dear TNC

I stand in firm support of our nation's public lands and urge you to help defeat H.R. 3990, H.R. 4532, and H.R. 4558. Our cherished landscapes and waters are home to our greatest natural treasures, and we cannot afford to roll back protections that previous Presidents have enacted.

National monuments and public lands not only inspire us; they give us clean water and air, provide vital wildlife habitat, and generate billions of dollars in recreational activities. Places like these need more protection, not less.