Oppose EPA Emissions Rollbacks


The Trump Administration’s recent decision to roll back vehicle emission standards threatens the air we breathe and needlessly sets back U.S. efforts to address climate change.

The tailpipe standards targeted by the Environmental Protection Agency are an environmental success story that is now at risk of erosion. These standards reduce greenhouse gases that cause global warming, and increase the fuel efficiency of our vehicles.

This decision is poorly timed, coming as the transportation sector is emerging as the United States’ biggest source of global warming emissions. It is also out-of-step with what the global marketplace demands for more fuel efficient and non-emitting electric vehicles.

Speak out now and tell the Trump Administration that you oppose these emissions rollbacks. Make your voice heard at the EPA.

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Oppose EPA Emissions Rollbacks

Dear TNC

I stand in firm support of strong greenhouse gas emission standards for new light duty vehicles, including cars. The Environmental Protection Agency's proposed rollbacks of these standards come at a time when the transportation sector is emerging as the United States' biggest source of global warming emissions. This is no time to allow more air pollution from vehicles.

I oppose these rollbacks and urge the Administration not to undermine these critical standards. We cannot afford to undo these basic safeguards for our air and our climate.