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Climate Change

Science shows us that wildlife and birds are already shifting their habitat to cope with our changing climate. Only 41% of natural lands in the United States will be connected enough so species can access the habitat they need if climate change becomes more severe.

This is just one example of the profound impacts climate change is having on our natural world—and why we cannot afford inaction. We must change course now.

Help us make your voice heard at the Global Climate Action Summit. This is our chance to rally international, U.S., state and local leaders to push for more and stronger climate solutions now.

Pledge to stand with The Nature Conservancy to spur leaders to stand strong on climate change at the Global Climate Action Summit.

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Speak Out for the Global Climate Action Summit

Dear TNC

I agree that we cannot afford inaction on climate change. Science shows us that we must act now to cut harmful carbon emissions -- climate change is already taking a toll. Now is the time to dedicate ourselves to stronger climate solutions. I'm adding my voice to The Nature Conservancy's call to world leaders in the U.S. and beyond at the Global Climate Action Summit -- it's time to act so we do not lose ground in combating climate change so people and wildlife can thrive.