Save Bald Eagles' Habitat


Not long ago, the American Bald Eagle was on the brink of extinction—with less than 490 nesting pairs left and its habitat seriously depleted. But our national symbol is one of conservation’s greatest comeback stories.

We can’t risk losing this progress now. The once-endangered animal, along with countless other animals nationwide, could lose habitat that was critical to its recovery.

The future of this majestic species depends on continued restoration of the rich habitat that eagles rely on. Sadly, billions of dollars have already been cut from conservation programs in the most important legislation for conserving private lands jeopardizing essential work to protect lands and waters while threats to our natural world grow.

It’s time to make sure that funding for critical conservation priorities doesn’t get slashed further. Because Congress will soon be voting on vital programs in the Farm Bill, like conservation to transform fields and wetlands into ideal habitat for wildlife like the Bald Eagle.

Speak out now for strong conservation funding—we can’t afford another blow to programs that help protect our planet.

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Support Essential Conservation Funding

Dear TNC

I stand in firm support of strong funding for vital conservation priorities in the Farm Bill. From advancing conservation through permanent easements and soil health practices on farmlands to restoring wetlands and forests through public-private partnerships, many of our nation's most important lands and water rely on these programs.

This is our country's most important legislation for conserving private lands. It's critical to helping farmers, ranchers, and forest landowners achieve healthier lands and water and build stronger communities together.

Specifically, I hope you will ensure Congress passes a new Farm Bill before expiration that includes strong conservation policies and funding. I'm also counting on you to make sure the bill does not contain any of the harmful forestry provisions or rollbacks to environmental protections that have been considered.