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Humpback whales. Grizzly bears. The black-footed ferret. The Endangered Species Act is our best tool for ensuring the survival our nation’s most threatened wildlife as pressures to nature continue to grow. But now the act itself is under attack.

Recent attempts by Congress and the Administration to weaken the Endangered Species Act could drive some species toward extinction. From proposed bans on protecting specific species, to rolling back government agencies’ habitat protection responsibilities, to letting factors other than the best-available science drive listing decisions—these proposals put wildlife in greater jeopardy.

We can and should work to improve the effectiveness species protection, but we must also make sure that the very foundation of the Endangered Species Act is not eroded.

Critical decisions about species protections under the Endangered Species Act should be based first and foremost on science. Now is no time to undercut foundational environmental laws like this.

Your elected officials need to hear from you. Contact your leaders in Congress NOW to support the Endangered Species Act.

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Protect the Endangered Species Act

Dear TNC

I'm counting on you to protect the Endangered Species Act and stand against any efforts to undermine this tool critical to the survival of our nation's most threatened species. Eroding protections under the Act, whether limiting protections of one species or curtailing the government's responsibility to protect species' habitats, is an attack on the foundation of the Endangered Species Act itself. These proposals jeopardize the Act's effectiveness and open the door to other erosions in the future.

The American people rely on the Endangered Species Act to ensure we do not lose our country's amazing, diverse and unique wildlife to extinction. And this law is essential to securing a prosperous future for people and nature. I urge you to stand up for our country's iconic wildlife and the law that protects it.