Tell Congress: Save Lands and Waters With a New Farm Bill

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Tell Congress: Support Conservation in Farm Bill

The Farm Bill is the most important legislation for conserving private lands in America—and Congress just let it expire.

It provides farmers, ranchers and forest landowners with the tools necessary to protect not only the land, but their way of life.

The Farm Bill’s conservation programs support cleaner water, healthier soils, improved wildlife habitats and forests, more outdoor recreation opportunities, and stronger rural economies—all benefits now at risk since Congress did not pass a new bill before September 30!

The time is now, and the need is urgent. Billions of dollars were cut from conservation programs in the last Farm Bill, and this year funding for permanent agricultural easements is down to only a third of its 2014 level.

For the sake of farmers and the lands and waters we all depend upon, tell your lawmakers that now is the time to pass a Farm Bill with strong conservation programs.

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Prioritize Conservation Funding in the Farm Bill


I stand in firm support of strong conservation programs and funding in a new Farm Bill as soon as possible. From advancing conservation through permanent easements and soil health practices on farmlands to restoring wetlands and forests through public-private partnerships, many of our nation's most important lands and waters rely on these programs.

This is our country's most important legislation for conserving private lands. It's critical to helping farmers, ranchers, and forest landowners achieve healthier lands and water and build stronger communities together.

Specifically, I hope you will ensure Congress passes a new Farm Bill with strong conservation policies and funding before the end of the year. I'm also counting on you to make sure the new bill does not contain any of the harmful forestry provisions or rollbacks to environmental protections that have been considered.