Add Your Voice: Global Climate Action Summit


The science is clear. If we don’t act now to slow climate change, we’ll miss our chance to prevent irreparable harm to our planet.

Leaders from around the globe are gathering at the Global Climate Action Summit this month to do what’s right—make coordinated plans to address climate change from the ground up. The Nature Conservancy will be there, and we need you with us.

Sign the pledge and help show our strength at the Global Climate Action Summit.

The Trump Administration’s continued rollbacks of U.S. climate policy are a discouraging setback in our drive to solve the climate crisis. But states, local communities, and concerned people like you are pushing through to find the smart solutions humanity needs.

There’s never been a more important time for us to speak out for real climate action—from the ground up.

Stand with us and we’ll proudly represent you in our call for real solutions at the Global Climate Action Summit in September.

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I stand with nature at the Global Climate Action Summit

Dear TNC

Our world is at a turning point: to prevent catastrophic climate change and ensure a cleaner, safer planet for future generations, we must take action now.

I stand with The Nature Conservancy at the Global Climate Action Summit and join your call for immediate climate action. Together, we must use our voices to make change from the ground up-- working at every level of government and putting smart, direct climate solutions into action.

I'm adding my name today because I believe there's never been a more urgent time for every one of us to speak out on climate change, before it's too late.