Tell Congress: Save Disappearing Bat Habitat


Right now, one of the natural world’s unsung heroes—bats—are disappearing by the millions because of forest habitat loss and disease.

Northern long-eared bats, Indiana bats, Hawaiian hoary bats and many other bat species are in a race for survival. And urgent habitat conservation made possible by the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) has been critical to giving bats a fighting chance.

But Congress has failed to fully fund LWCF, and the stakes could not be higher. Because funding for hundreds of conservation projects like saving bat habitat is at risk.

Help us push to fully fund LWCF now!

This vital program has protected millions of acres over the past 52 years and doesn't use a penny of taxpayer dollars. It needs to be fully funded as soon as possible. Without full funding, each day that passes leaves essential conservation priorities hanging in the balance.

The clock is ticking. Call on Congress to fully fund the Land and Water Conservation Fund right away.

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Fully Fund the Land & Water Conservation Fund as soon as possible

Dear TNC

With threats to nature and vital lands rapidly increasing, it is especially critical to fully fund the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) as soon as possible. We cannot afford to put essential conservation programs in jeopardy.

LWCF is one of America's most important and successful conservation programs, benefiting every state in the nation. This popular federal program has a 52-year track record of helping provide clean water, conserve public lands and natural resources, increase recreation opportunities and support communities.

Critical conservation work is hampered each day that LWCF is not fully funded. Plus, funding it won't cost taxpayers a penny because it's paid for with drilling fees from oil and gas companies. I ask you to fully fund the Land and Water Conservation Fund as soon as possible.