Pledge to Veg Challenge


Protecting our planet doesn't get more delicious than this.

Eating more vegetables and other plant-based foods isn't just good for you… It's also great for the environment. That's because veggies require less energy and water to produce.  Plus they have a lower carbon footprint—which helps fight climate change.

That's why we're rallying people like you who care about protecting our planet to be part of the Pledge to Veg Challenge.

It's as simple as saying, 'Yes!' to adding more veggies to your holiday meals. 

You don't have to cut the meat completely—start with just replacing one or two dishes to include more vegetables.  And your time at the table with family and friends is the perfect opportunity to put it in action.

Sign the Pledge to Veg today!

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I Accept the Pledge to Veg Challenge

Dear TNC

I'm signing on to the Pledge to Veg Challenge. I'll do my part to add more veggies and plant-based foods to my holiday meals. Because it's a small change that can make a big difference in lowering my carbon footprint and protecting our planet. I'm proud to help preserve the bounty that nature gives us.