Tell Congress: Support Electric Vehicles


We reached record high carbon emissions last year. And it's no secret what the biggest source of carbon-based pollution is: transportation.

It's simple — if we have any chance of tackling climate change, we must lower our carbon emissions. And the technology is out there, we just need to support it. Congress has the opportunity right now to make buying and driving electric vehicles an easier choice. It's a win for consumers and for the future of transportation in America!

Speak out now and tell your elected representatives to support legislation that encourages buying and selling electric vehicles.

The current incentives will disappear unless Congress takes action now. Stand up and urge them to support the Driving America Forward Act — a healthier future for our planet is on the line.

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Take Action to Support Electric Vehicles

Dear TNC

I'm concerned about the record levels of carbon pollution in the U.S. entering our atmosphere. I support a transition to low and no-carbon transportation future and want to encourage the production and purchase of electric vehicles. I urge you to support the Driving America Forward Act to extend and expand incentives for electric vehicles.