Urge the White House: Reconsider Environmental Rollbacks


The Trump administration recently proposed changing how it implements the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), one of our nation’s foundational environmental laws.

NEPA was enacted 50 years ago to ensure federal agencies consider the environmental consequences of their actions and engage with the public about them. It’s helped improve the quality of our air, water and ecosystems while giving members of the public a greater voice in their communities’ health.

But now several of the administration’s proposed changes will reduce this critical law’s safeguards and transparency.

At a time when our natural world needs more protection — not less — it’s imperative to maintain NEPA’s strong scientific standards.

Speak out now and urge the White House to reconsider proposed changes that will move NEPA away from its intended purpose.

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Reconsider NEPA Overhaul

Dear TNC

I urge the White House to reconsider the proposed overhaul to the National Environmental Policy Act. Changes like cutting down review times and limiting consideration of indirect and cumulative impacts, which could make it more difficult to take into account factors like climate change, will not improve outcomes for people or nature and will move this critical law away from its intended purpose. At this critical time when our natural world needs greater protection, not less, we should not constrain the consideration of environmental impacts.