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Half of our world's Bornean orangutans have disappeared forever. And their population continues to plummet by more than 6,000 each year — risking extinction of these critically endangered great apes if we don't act now.

There's never been a more urgent time to protect our planet's wildlife, plants and habitats. That's why the United Nations Global Biodiversity Conference this year is so critical. We need countries around the world to commit to immediate, specific action right away. Or else as many as 1 million species could be extinct within decades.

Send your message to U.N. members today, and call on global leaders to protect nature on our planet right away.

Now's the time for urgent action. To create the biggest public outcry possible, we're joining together with more than 25 like-minded organizations to show the collective strength of our Voice for the Planet and flood world leaders with our petitions to act.

Stand with us and use your voice to save orangutans and other threatened species. Send your message to United Nations members to call for action on biodiversity loss now.

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Protect Species from Extinction

Dear TNC

We must act now to save species like orangutans from disappearing forever. I urge you to take action to protect the plants, animals and nature that our planet needs to survive. It is imperative that world leaders develop a strong global framework at the United Nations Global Biodiversity Conference to halt biodiversity loss. Every species that we lose destroys the delicate balance of life on Earth, and exacerbates grave threats like climate change. Don't wait to commit to immediate, specific actions to save species.