Thank Congress for LWCF and Public Lands Funding Victory


The U.S. Congress recently passed the Great American Outdoors Act, which fully funds the Land and Water Conservation Fund and invests in national parks and other public lands. The amazing lands and waters across the United States — and the communities they support — rely on this bedrock conservation program and support to allow plentiful outdoor access for everyone.

And, as pressures on our natural world are rapidly increasing, there's never been a more important time to secure reliable future funding for urgent conservation.

Send a message today to thank Congress for doing right by the Land and Water Conservation Fund, national parks and other public lands with this historic funding victory.

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Thank you! I support full and permanent LWCF funding

Dear TNC

I want to thank Congress for supporting the Great American Outdoors Act. Full and permanent funding for the Land and Water Conservation Fund has been a priority for individuals like me who have been speaking out on the importance of LWCF for several years, and we are grateful that our voices were heard in support of this critical program. Even better, to combine full funding of LWCF with important investments in national parks and other public lands will do even more to ensure our lands and waters are accessible to all for generations to come.

LWCF's more than 50-year track record speaks for itself and will now continue to be strengthened without the uncertainty that has recently loomed over it. Full and permanent funding will benefit every state in the nation by helping provide clean water, conserve natural resources, increase recreation opportunities, expand public access and support communities.

I applaud Congress for taking action on LWCF and securing its long-term future.