Help save Bristol Bay, one of the world's last salmon strongholds


The planet’s most productive salmon nursery is in imminent danger. A proposed gold and copper mine known as Pebble Mine threatens the heart of pristine spawning habitat in Bristol Bay, Alaska. Currently fast-tracked for federal permitting, Pebble Mine could wipe out the world’s last great salmon run, devastating a globally important fishery and harming Indigenous communities who have relied on salmon for thousands of years.

Pebble Mine’s development would fill in thousands of acres of wetlands and dozens of miles of critical salmon streams. It would be one of the largest mines in the world and, without intervention, Pebble could receive permits by the end of the year and be fully operational by 2024.

The Environmental Protect Agency (EPA) concluded in 2014 that large-scale mining in the Bristol Bay watershed posed significant risks to salmon, wildlife and Alaska Native cultures. But in 2019, the EPA halted its own Clean Water Act protections and allowed Pebble to proceed. The project has been rushed through review by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers; and their Final Environmental Impact Statement just paved the way for federal permits.

The Corps’ Final Impact Statement, however, is the result of a failed and scientifically inadequate process and contains significant gaps in crucial science. This is the wrong mine, in the wrong place. But we can still stop it.

With your help, we can protect Bristol Bay. But we need to act fast. You can be part of this important effort by contacting your federal congressional representative.

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Bristol Bay is one of the last remaining salmon strongholds on the planet, a treasure worth preserving.

Dear TNC

Bristol Bay feeds the world, producing more wild salmon than almost anywhere else on Earth. Time is short to save it.

I urge you to help prevent the destruction of a global natural treasure in Alaska. The Pebble Mine, which is currently awaiting federal permitting, threatens one of the world's last remaining salmon strongholds. The science is clear: this mine will cause irreparable harm to people and nature.

Alaska is one of the few places where an abundance of wild salmon still exists. And Bristol Bay is the crown jewel of Alaska's incredible salmon habitat. It produces half the world's sockeye salmon, which are key to the culture and subsistence lifestyles of the Alaska Native tribes that have stewarded these lands and waters for millennia. The Bristol Bay salmon industry supports local and regional economies and creates more than 10,000 jobs across the U.S. every year.

Please support Bristol Bay's world-class salmon habitat, its clean waters, its abundant wildlife, and its Indigenous communities. Join me to strongly voice your opposition to Pebble Mine.