Speak Up for Nature


There has never been a more urgent time to protect our planet. Study after study shows that we cannot afford to wait to act on climate change, species loss and destruction of our natural world.

Your voice can make a difference. Every single action you take in your community can have a real impact on how we meet the needs of our Earth and everyone on it.

Pledge to Speak Up for Nature by taking one or more of these powerful actions:

  • Learn! Science shows us the steps we need to take to protect nature now. Learn what the top conservation issues are to hold your government officials accountable.
  • Share! Help your family and friends understand how high the stakes are for our natural world, and how they can Speak Up for Nature too.
  • Vote! Laws and policies are critical, and voting is your way to choose leaders who will champion a sustainable future for our planet.

To help you get started, we’ll send you resources so you can plan ahead to vote and learn more about the issues.

Together, we have the power to make our voices heard. Be part of our united community of Nature Conservancy supporters and do your part to chart a better course forward for the one and only Earth we all share.

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I Will Speak Up for Nature

Dear TNC

I agree that immediate action to protect our planet is critical. I pledge to Speak Up for Nature and join with thousands of people around the world in calling for action. I'm doing my part because I believe my voice can have a real impact on how we meet the needs of our Earth and everyone on it.