Purchase a Santa Cruz Island Landing Permit

The Nature Conservancy portion of Santa Cruz Island requires a Landing Permit to go ashore. Our Landing Permit holders play an important role in helping to protect the island’s sensitive natural and cultural resources. Your continued stewardship and assistance is greatly appreciated.

Please note: Santa Cruz Island Landing Permits are issued for private, non-commercial sailings only and are for a maximum group size of ten persons. Landing Permits are valid for daylight hours only and camping is prohibited. No animals or pets of any kind may be brought onto the SCI preserve, due to high risk of animal disease transmission.

Full rules of use are listed in the Landing Permit Requirements. Please review them carefully prior to submitting your permit application. Permits may take up to 10 business days to process; we encourage you to plan ahead.

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As the Permit Applicant, you agree to the proper use of the permit if granted, and agree to be present while the permit is in use. Important note: The credit card used in the purchase of this permit must be in the name of the applicant.

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All Permit Applicants must be at least 18 years of age.

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Annual permits are for a calendar year. Annual permits expire on December 31st of the year in which they are purchased.

Please allow 15 business days to receive permits.

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Terms and Conditions

By submitting this form, you (as the Permit Applicant) agree to be present while the permit is in use. You also agree to the terms of use outlined in each of the following documents:

You, as the Permit Applicant, agree to distribute the Acknowledgement, Release and Indemnification and Minor Consent forms and Rules for Use of the Site to all passengers in your party and to ensure that an original, signed copy is submitted by each passenger prior to departure to The Nature Conservancy property on Santa Cruz Island to:

The Nature Conservancy / Landing Permits
532 E. Main Street, Suite #200
Ventura, CA 93001

You, as the Permit Applicant, agree these forms will be received by The Nature Conservancy at above address in the original form (no faxes or electronic copies) prior to departure for the island, and that each passenger will carry a paper copy with them at all times while ashore on the island.

The Channel Islands provide critical breeding and roosting habitat for many seabird species, including rare species such as the Ashy Storm-Petrel and the state-threatened Xantus's Murrelet. Seabirds nest in extremely fragile habitats; on Santa Cruz Island, for example, Ashy Storm-Petrels often lay eggs under loose driftwood on sea cave floors. Human disturbance can cause nest failures and impact adult survival if birds are repeatedly flushed from roosting or nesting sites. Landing in sea caves or on offshore rocks can crush nests containing eggs or young chicks. All seabirds are protected from disturbance under federal law.

To protect nesting seabirds, the following areas are closed to all landings: Cueva Valdez to Fraser Point annually between 1 February and 1 November.

To protect seabirds that are roosting and nesting on cliffs and offshore rocks, visitors are reminded to:

  • Maintain a 500'; buffer from roosting seabirds, including cormorants and pelicans;
  • Maintain silence if kayaking through sea caves;
  • Be aware that all offshore rocks are closed to landings (National Park Service property);

Report any violations to: NPS Sequoia Dispatch: 805-658-5700 ext.5620 or 559-565-4221 (direct)