Hawksbill sea turtles need your help.

There’s no denying that these shelled swimmers are tough. But the threats they’re up against are even tougher. Read on to learn more about hawksbill sea turtles and how you can help protect them and other threatened natural treasures, together with The Nature Conservancy.

Fighting the odds

Hawksbill sea turtles begin their lives on a beach, where nesting mothers lay up to 130 eggs in less than 90 minutes. Upon hatching, baby hawksbills crawl out to sea immediately. But they never forget where they were born. In fact, adult sea turtles migrate hundreds of miles to nest on the same beaches where they hatched.

Defending their homes

Upon returning to their birthplace, hawksbills often find their beloved beaches are now unrecognizable. Rising tides brought on by climate change have washed away the sands. Developers have exploited once spacious shorelines, turning them into crowded waterfront properties and leaving these sea turtles with no place to nest.

Fortunately, the hawksbill sea turtles have help on their side. The Nature Conservancy is working to identify nesting beaches that are most resilient to rising tides and partnering with local communities to protect them from development. It’s just one of the many ways the Conservancy is protecting the most vulnerable natural treasures around the world.

Your support can help make a world of difference for hawksbill sea turtles and other threatened species. Take action today.

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