Saving the Last Perfect Place in California

There aren’t many places on the Southern California coast that remain untouched by development. The Nature Conservancy’s new Jack and Laura Dangermond Preserve is one of them. The preserve is a ~24,500-acre property that sits at Point Conception—that sharp corner of coastline that gives California its distinctive crook. The land has been kept intact, free from development or heavy use, passed down through generations of a prominent ranching family for nearly 100 years.

However, our work is only beginning. We still need support for the preserve’s operational costs, research and education programs, and an endowment to ensure the preserve’s longevity.

The opportunities for discovery, research, and protection are endless. The land will give scientists a rare look at how wildlife and natural systems adapt unfettered to climate change, sea level rise, wildlife passages, and other pressing issues for California and the world. It also presents opportunities to develop a world-class research and education enterprise.

By investing in the Dangermond Preserve, you will not only promote land protection within California’s Central Coast; you will also promote conservation innovation that begins locally and impacts globally. Please join us.

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