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They’re all around us, so it’s easy to take them for granted. But the everyday tree is a conservation powerhouse. From fighting climate change to making communities healthier, trees are downright amazing. Even if you thought you knew how much trees give us, the Conservancy’s new Planting Healthy Air report is unveiling new lessons about the difference trees make. Take our quick quiz to find out more (and what you can do to help).

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Lush forests are beautiful and important. But a lot more of our trees are actually in cities and neighborhoods than you might think. How many of our trees in the U.S. are in urban areas?

A. 25% It’s true... Nearly a quarter of all trees in the U.S. are in metro areas—throughout forests and parks, along streets, and in our backyards. Though you may only see a few trees at a time when you look out your window, all the trees in our communities really add up.
B. 10%
C. 5%

So far, so good!

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Which of these is one of trees’ superpowers?

A. Filtering water and absorbing runoff.
B. Fighting climate change.
C. Helping us breathe easier.
D.Cooling temperatures.
E. All of the above. That’s why we say trees pack so much conservation power. Cleaner water, cleaner air, healthier communities—there’s almost nothing they can’t do. Trees even reduce asthma and prevent strokes and heart attacks because they absorb particulates in the air. Maybe it should be ‘an apple tree a day keeps the doctor away.’

Now that you’re up on all the benefits of trees, let’s dig a little deeper into how essential forests are to our water supply. What percentage of the U.S. water supply is stored and filtered by forests and trees?

A. A Quarter
B. Less than half
C. More than half So every other time you turn on the tap, you have our forests to thank. Unfortunately, right now the amount of forest lands in the U.S. in dire need of restoration is bigger than the state of Oregon, putting water supplies across the country at risk.

Need to cool off? Trees can help. How much do urban trees cool temperatures for millions of city-dwellers around the world?

A. 0 degrees. Even though trees absorb heat, it’s not measurable.
B. As much as 3.9 degrees F. Think about how much it would cost you to set your air conditioning almost 4 degrees lower in the summer. That’s some serious cooling… and energy saving for millions of people.
C. About 0.5 degrees F.

Did you realize that trees can actually save lives? By reducing particulates and pollution in the air, trees reduce deaths from respiratory illnesses, heart attacks and strokes. True or False… Planting more trees in our cities could save more than 11,000 lives.

True True. If everyone in our cities spent $4 more per year on street tree planting, we could save between 11,000 and 36,000 lives.

Finally, we want to share one of the most fun tree tidbits we’ve seen in a while. Which of these unexpected benefits is one more reason we all need more trees in our lives?

A. Trees make us more attractive.
B. Trees are a fountain of youth. A recent study found that living on a street with 10 more trees than average (both on the street and in people's yards) makes you feel as healthy as if you were seven years younger. So put away that eye cream and get to planting some trees if you really want to feel youthful.
C. Trees raise the IQs of the people around them.

All done! 0 out of 6. Not too shabby!

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