Are you a River, Lake, or Spring?

Less than 1% of Earth’s water is available for us to drink; most of our water is either too salty to drink or frozen solid. Together, with support from Tom’s of Maine, we’re working to protect and restore natural water sources that our communities, economies, and wild areas rely on.

Feelin’ fresh? Answer seven quick questions to find out which fresh water source you’re most like.

Get Started

How do you most enjoy a glass of water?

Sparkling, please
With Ice, Ice, Baby
Can I get a lemon wedge?

What’s your favorite ride at a water park?

Giant water slide
Lazy river
Wave pool

Only 5 questions left...

Choose a bird:

Barn Swallow
Great Horned Owl

4 questions to go...

If you could only have one source of caffeine to start your day, which would you choose?

Coffee of course!
Tea for me, please
Who needs caffeine to start the day? Not me

4 down, 3 to go...

Pick your favorite childhood playground fixture:

Monkey Bars

2 questions left...

Which summer treat do you prefer?

Shave ice
Ice cream sandwich

Last question...

Which water sport do you like most?

Wind Surfing
Stand Up Paddle Boarding
See My Water Personality

You Got:


You are often an unseen hero. Springs are not only an important source of filtered fresh water, they can be the starting point for more complex water systems which support all sorts of life. You too, are known for generously contributing your spirit and resources to those lucky enough to befriend you. You value imagination and creativity and inspire enchanting experiences like luxurious hot springs, wishing wells, and even the fabled fountain of youth.


You value your independence above all else. Lakes can exist in all types of environments from lush mountaintops to otherwise bleak deserts and likewise, you are able to adapt and thrive whatever your surroundings. Your unique qualities attract friends easily, but you often need some time alone to refresh and recharge. You cherish your individuality and aren’t afraid of reinventing yourself when the time feels right.


You’re a powerful force that loves dynamic activity, whether mental or physical. Like how the great Colorado River etched out the Grand Canyon over time, you’re patient and know that small actions now can lead to big changes later. You know the value of communication and are often a connector of ideas, people, and places.

Learn more about how Tom’s of Maine is supporting The Nature Conservancy’s work to restore and protect freshwater systems in North America.

You can be a Fresh Water Hero by helping support The Nature Conservancy’s work.