You can use your real estate to support The Nature Conservancy. By donating all or a portion of your property, you may be able to reduce your capital gains tax, receive an income tax deduction and receive income for life - and you may even be able to continue to use or live on the property. Best of all, your gift will support our vital work to protect lands and waters around the world.

The Conservancy has unrivaled experience with real estate. Since its inception in 1981, our trade land program has raised over $400 million from real estate gifts. We also own and manage more than $1.8 billion of conservation land.

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How It Works

There are various ways to use your real estate to support nature and further your financial goals.

  1. Save on taxes: Donate your property outright. We will sell it and use the proceeds for critical conservation work. You will receive a tax deduction for the full value of the property and could avoid paying capital gains tax.
  2. Receive income: Use your property to fund an annuity gift that pays you income. You qualify for a charitable income tax deduction for part of the value of the property and receive income for life (or a term of years) for yourself and/or a beneficiary. Your gift will protect lands and waters in the future.
  3. Stay in your home: You can donate your home and continue to live there (it does not have to be your principal residence). You will receive an immediate tax deduction. At the end of your tenancy we will sell the property and use the proceeds to support conservation.
  4. Make a gift in your will or trust: Maintain control of your property by making a gift through your will or trust. You can change your mind or alter your gift at any time. Ultimately we'll use your gift to protect nature for future generations.

The Conservancy accepts two types of real estate gifts, both of which are critical to our work: Land that donors would like permanently protected and gifts that donors permit us to sell, with the proceeds going to support our work. We are not able to protect all of the real estate that is offered to us. The decisions to accept or decline land for preservation are made at the state level and are based on many factors, including conservation features of the property and potential for future transfer of ownership (for example, to become part of a state or national park).


The benefits of your gift will vary depending on how you set up your gift. Our experts can work with you to find the best option for your situation.

  • You may be able to use your property to make an annuity that will pay you income for life.
  • You may be able to receive an immediate income tax deduction for the fair market value of your property.
  • You may be able to reduce or eliminate capital gains taxes owed on your property.
  • You will create an enduring gift for conservation.
From Our Donors

"It just made sense. But our true reward is the knowledge that our real estate donation is helping to protect the oceans and other natural places that mean so much to us."

- Suzanne Marshall, real estate donor

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The minimum gift amount is $100,000. The Nature Conservancy cannot render tax or legal advice. Please consult your professional advisor before making a charitable gift.