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✔ When is not putting stuff in the recycling bin the right thing to do?
✔ What’s a ‘kill-a-watt’ meter and how it can save you energy?
✔ How can the food that’s sitting in your fridge reduce your carbon footprint?

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Your Everyday Sustainability Guide will make it easy to care about our planet and to do your part to live a little greener. Check out seven straightforward things you can do right away that science shows us will make a real difference.

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Leave that "all or nothing" mindset behind

Too often, people get tripped up by feeling like getting a little greener requires lots of drastic changes. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Picking just one specific thing to do that you're excited about and that's a little bit of a stretch for you will go a long way. What's most important is that you stick with it — so don't be too hard on yourself if you let some other minor things go.

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