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Offset your carbon footprint with The Nature Conservancy, you'll help support projects that protect forests, improve forest management, or plant trees. Your tax-deductible gift* will make a difference for our lives, our environment and future generations.
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You can make a monthly commitment toward reducing your overall climate impact. You can choose to offset your emissions for the current year or give any amount you want. You have complete control and can manage your monthly gift at anytime online. Plus, it's paperless!
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With the rise in awareness and concern about the effects of climate change, voluntary carbon offset programs have begun to proliferate around the world. Learn more about The Nature Conservancy's Carbon Offset Program.
PHOTOS: Sundquist Wildlife Management Area of the Cumberland Mountains in Tennessee. Byron Jorjorian; Measuring tree height at Hill Bank in Rio Bravo, Belize. Tony Rath; Flowers in the Tensas River Basin, Louisiana. © Byron Jorjorian.

The Nature Conservancy neither transfers nor sells carbon offsets through its voluntary carbon offset program. You contribute to The Nature Conservancy; the projects in the Conservancy's voluntary carbon offset program create the carbon offsets, and then we retire the carbon offsets on your behalf. You neither take ownership over nor title to the carbon offsets. Donations to charitable nonprofits are tax deductible because no financial benefit accrues to the donor.