2014 TD Five Boro Bike Tour

Join The Nature Conservancy for America's largest cycling event, the 2014 TD Five Boro Bike Tour, on Sunday, May 4th. Help us continue to protect land and water across New York.

The fundraising minimum is $1,000 and we provide you with a Crowdrise page so that your friends and family can easily make donations to your fundraising campaign.









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Ways to Participate:




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Online registration is no longer available. Please contact Kat McGlynn, kmcglynn@tnc.org, for more information.



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Fundraising Commitment: By acceptance to The Nature Conservancy’s Team for the 2014 TD Five Boro Bike Tour on May 4, 2014 a minimum fundraising commitment of $1,000 is required by May 2, 2014. In the event that you do not meet the minimum fundraising requirement by the date outlined above, The Nature Conservancy will charge the balance owed to your credit card.


Once you have been accepted on the team, we will charge you a $1.00 registration fee, in order to capture your credit card information. Note that your credit card will not be charged beyond the $1.00 fee unless the aforementioned has taken place.


Should the race be cancelled or rescheduled for any reason by the race organizer, the Conservancy will communicate to the Team Nature participants of any changes in the fundraising commitment or timing.


Cancellation Policy: After official acceptance on The Nature Conservancy’s team, you will be responsible for raising the stated minimum for the chosen event even if you choose to cancel your participation for any reason. Any donations received by The Nature Conservancy will not be returned.


Release Form and Contribution Agreement: In consideration of my accepting this entry, I hereby for myself, heirs, executors and administrators, waive and release any and all rights and claims for damages I may have against The Nature Conservancy for any and all injuries suffered by me in said event. I further attest and certify that I am physically fit, will sufficiently train for competition in this event and a licensed medical doctor has verified my physical condition.


I also grant permission for use of my name and/or photograph or voice in broadcast, telecast, print or any other account of this event.


If accepted on the 2014 TD Five Boro Bike Tour team I agree to collect the required fundraising minimum for The Nature Conservancy by fundraising deadline date above. If I have not reached the minimum in sponsorship by that date, I will be personally responsible for the balance owed. I understand that The Nature Conservancy will bill the balance I owe to my credit card.